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Revolutionizing Communication with IP Comms

  • Adaptive IP Communication Solutions Tailored IP Comms solutions that evolve with your business, providing the flexibility to expand or contract as needed.
  • Unified Communication Technologies Integrate your communication tools with our Unified Communication solutions, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  • Seamless Connectivity Whether in the office or working remotely, our IP Comms solutions ensure seamless connectivity and communication.
Advanced Communication

Hosted Voice Solutions - Tailored to Your Needs

ConnX's Hosted Voice Solutions redefine business telephony. Utilising the leading Broadsoft platform, we offer feature-rich voice services that are customisable to fit every business need.

From basic voice services to over 500 advanced features, our solutions facilitate high-definition site-to-site calling and global extension dialling, enabling efficient communication across your organisation.

Seamless Integration

Unified Communications - Enhance Productivity

Embrace the future of communication with ConnX's Unified Communications Suite. Our UC solutions integrate instant messaging, IP telephony, conferencing and mobility features into a single, streamlined service.

This integration optimises business processes, increases workforce productivity and ensures seamless communication, whether you're in the office or working remotely.

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Cloud Integration
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Efficient Cloud Connectivity

Maximise Efficiency with Cloud Integration and Scalability

ConnX bridges the gap between your business and the cloud. Our Cloud Integration services offer seamless connectivity, ensuring that your operations are always synced with your cloud infrastructure. Scalability is at the heart of our offerings, enabling your business to grow without limitations. As your operations expand, our solutions evolve, providing the bandwidth and performance necessary for your increasing cloud demands. Unlock the potential of the cloud with ConnX and experience a new level of operational agility and efficiency.
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Connx: Revolutionising Communication with IP Comms

Connx is at the forefront of transforming business communication with our innovative IP Communications (IP Comms) services. Among our leading offerings is the Hosted Voice Solutions, based on the industry-leading Broadsoft platform. These solutions provide a feature-rich, scalable and customisable telephony system, perfect for businesses looking to upgrade their communication infrastructure. With Connx, experience seamless integration, crystal-clear voice quality and a host of advanced features designed to enhance your business communication capabilities.
Streamlined Communication with Advanced Features
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IP Comms FAQs
Understanding Advanced Communication

  • Hosted Voice Solutions
    Hosted Voice Solutions offer cloud-based telephony systems, providing flexibility, scalability and access to advanced features without the need for traditional physical hardware. They are ideal for businesses seeking cost-effective and efficient communication solutions.
  • Unified Communications (UC) Suite
    The UC Suite integrates various communication tools such as voice, video, messaging and conferencing into a single platform. This integration enhances collaboration, increases productivity and streamlines communication processes within an organisation.
  • Anywhere Mobile Client
    The Anywhere Mobile Client allows employees to use their business number on any device, ensuring a professional presence and continuity in communication. It provides the flexibility to work remotely while maintaining access to essential phone system features.
  • Selecting the Ideal IP Comms Solution
    Selecting the right IP Comms solution involves assessing your business's communication needs, including the number of users, required features and integration capabilities. ConnX offers customised solutions to meet specific business requirements and enhance overall communication efficiency.
IP Comms FAQs

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